Covid-19 has caused many transitions with high impact on our daily life. Technology is changing accordingly. Communication and information exchange will be more driven by neural marketing and peruasive (nudging) strategies,  channelled via social and collaborative platforms on the internet, Digital Signage, Mobile Narrowcasting, Virtual – and Augmented Reality technology. All these channels are using human generated data and automated networked sensors output and put-through. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way we interact with our devices and each other and in relation to information we generate and share; Immersive, highly effective and in any environmental setting.

Device Interaction is various and has many levels; Visually, haptic and soon via neurotransmitters and biosensible devices.  In the evolution where Biosphere seems to merge with Technosphere delivering an immersive interaction with the world surrounding, How do we evolve as humans? What values can we gain? How can we surpass our current state of intellect, both fysical and emotional in our daily work and personal private live? Guidelines are shifting borders deminishing or even faded out. 

What is for sure is that immersive interaction through computer vision and environmental sense technology amplifies our focus on collaborative workflows between human professionals and devices like co-and robots, both creative and productive. How to bennefitas a human striving for prosperity whilest being commited to an organisation that needs to be profitable with its own organisational needs?

Implementing outstanding technology demands questioning the role of human intervention more than ever. 

InterVisuals as a Concepts & Development Lab can help your organization defining suitable solutions for productive processes in an organisation and the people within by giving them the right tools to excell.

High tech requires high human touch

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